Day 1

View Integration in Model-Based Development
Bernhard Schaetz, Sebastian Voss and Vincent Aravantinos (fortiss)

NECSIS: The Cross-Cutting Project
Zinovy Diskin (McMaster University)

Open Source Modeling – Main motivations and key challenges
Francis Bordeleau (Ericsson)

Feature-­Oriented Requirements Modeling and Analysis
Jo Atlee, Shoham Ben-David, Pourya Shaker, Sandy Beidu, David Dietrich and Xiaoni Lai (McMaster University)

Lifting Transformations to Product Lines
Rick Salay, Mihalis Famelis, Julia Rubin, Alessio Di Sandro and Marsha Chechik (University of Toronto)
Collaborative Software Evolution with Cross-Cutting Concerns
Rick Salay, Mehrnaz Najafi and Marsha Chechik (University of Toronto)
Verification in Chunk-Based Software Evolution
Mehrnaz Najafi, Rick Salay and Marsha Chechik (University of Toronto)

Managing Uncertainty in Software Engineering
Michalis Famelis (University of Toronto)

Verification of Translation Model Transformations
Levi Lúcio, Bentley Oakes and Hans Vangheluwe (McGill University)

Day 2

Towards Relational Algebra for Model Translations
Zinovy Diskin (McMaster University)

Future of Clafer
Michał Antkiewicz (University of Waterloo)

Network for the Engineering of Complex Software-Intensive Systems for Automotive Systems
Jo Atlee (University of Waterloo)

Flexible Product Line Engineering With a Virtual Platform
Michał Antkiewicz (University of Waterloo)