DSM TP 2016
Theory and Practice
7th International Summer School
on Domain-Specific Modeling
Genève, Switzerland
22-26 August



The application deadline for early registration is 31 July, the application deadline for late registration is 14 August 2016.

Please use the registration link.

Registration includes:

  • 5 full days of attendance to the Summer School
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Coffee breaks on Summer School days
  • Social event: visit to CERN on the 24th August at 16:00: There will take place an afternoon visit to CERN to meet the place where we can find the most powerful particle accelerators with the most complex scientific instruments to study the the basic constituents of matter. This will be an opportunity to meet the organization that puts together physicists and engineers to probe the fundamental structure of the Universe. Besides it is also the place where the Web was born (see the NeXTcube that Tim Berners-Lee used for his first web server).
  • Social event: a cruise on the lake with a dinner on board

It is possible (and you are encouraged) to present a scientific poster on your research topic.

Note that the the Summer School is co-organized with the MPM4CPS COST Action. It is actually also an MPM4CPS Training School. This means that a number of fellowships are available to cover participation cost. You can apply for a fellowship by filling the following form.

The registration fee is:

  academia  industry
early registration (until 31 July)EUR 500EUR 700
late registration (until 14 August)EUR 600EUR 800

A cancellation fee of EUR 50 will be held if the registration is cancelled before the early registration deadline to cover administrative costs. After the registration deadline EUR 100 will be kept.

Make sure that you book your flight and hotel early! The University offers some rooms (not included in the price): 300 EUR for accomodation at Cité Universitaire, with easy access to DSM-TP venue by bus. Please go here for more information.

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