MSDL people
Prof. Hans Vangheluwe, D.Sc. (Ghent University, Belgium) @UA, @McGill, @NUDT
Prof. Joachim Denil, Ph.D. (University of Antwerp, Belgium) -- CoSysLab
Adjunct Prof. Pieter J. Mosterman, Ph.D. (Vanderbilt University, USA) -- The Mathworks @McGill

(2019 -- 2020) Rahele Eslampanah, M.Eng., Ph.D. (Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia).
Meaningful and Scaleable Reuse and Composistion of Models, with Frames. IOF-SBO project.
(2019 -- 2020) Moharram Challenger, M.Sc., Ph.D. (International Computer Institute, Ege University, Turkey).
Design for Assembly (DFA) and co-optimization in the Product and Assembly Co-design (PACo) Flanders Make ICON project
(2019) Romain Franceschini, M.Sc., Ph.D. (Universitą di Corsica Pasquale Paoli, Corsica, France).
(2018 -- ) Bentley Oakes, M.Sc., Ph.D. (McGill, Canada).
automated and Simulation based functional safety Engineering meThodology (aSET) Flanders Make ICON project.
(2018 -- ) Simon Van Mierlo, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (University of Antwerp, Belgium).
Variability modelling in the Efficient software Controller Variant Development and Validation (ECoVaDeVa) Flanders Make ICON project, Flanders Make Roadmapping, NextGen tooling.
(2018 -- ) Scientific Collaborator Paola Campestrini, Ph.D. (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands) -- Cluster Manager Design and Optimization at Flanders Make @UA
(2018 -- ) Scientific Collaborator Lieven De Meyer -- CTO @ Flanders Make @UA
(2017) Bart Meyers, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (University of Antwerp, Belgium).
Consistency and Design-Space Exploration in the MBSE4Mechatronics IWT-SBO project and variability modelling in the ECoVaDeVa (Efficient Software Controller Variant Development and Validation) Flanders Make ICON project .
(2016) Bart Meyers, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (University of Antwerp, Belgium).
Domain-Specific Property Language Engineering and its link with co-simulation, within the IOF-SBO project "Study of the interaction between automotive software and its environment by means of modelling and co-simulation".
(2016) Rick Salay, B.Sc., M.Sc. (University of Waterloo, Canada), Ph.D. (University of Toronto, Canada).
Agile Model Based Systems Engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems, with Flanders Make.
(2014 -- 2017) Joachim Denil, Ph.D. (University of Antwerp, Belgium)
Consistency, deployment, co-simulation, in the MBSE4Mechatronics project.
(2014 -- 2016) Bruno Barroca, Ph.D. (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal)
Foundations of the ModelVerse, language engineering for textual languages, in the NECSIS project.
(2014 -- 2015) Carmen-Veronica Bobeanu , Ph.D. (University of Bucharest, Romania) @UA
(2013 -- 2014) Joachim Denil, Ph.D. (University of Antwerp, Belgium)
Design-space exploration, unifying transformation and process modelling, rule-based transformation of Simulink models, in the NECSIS project.
(2012 -- 2015) Sadaf Mustafiz, Ph.D. (McGill, Canada)
Modular language engineering with modelling language fragments, the FTG+PM, in the NECSIS project.
(2011 -- 2015) Levi Lucio, Ph.D. (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Symbolic analysis of model transformations, in the NECSIS project.
(2011) Eugene Syriani, Ph.D. (McGill, Canada)
Engineering of custom model transformation languages (with T-Core), in the NECSIS project
(2001 -- 2002) Prof. Juan de Lara, Ph.D. (Autonoma de Madrid, Spain)
AToM3, A Tool for Multi-formalism and Meta-Modelling
(1998 -- 2002) Indrani A.V., Ph.D. (IISc, India)
Symbolic manipulation of models (MSL-USER, Modelica) of physical systems, in particular, bio-activated sludge waste-water treatment plants
@McGill, @UGent

Ph.D. students

(2020 -- ) Randy Paredis
A Multi-Paradigm Modelling Foundation for Digital Twins.
(October 2019) Cláudio Gomes, M.Sc. Computer Science (Universidade Nova de Lisboa). (IWT Ph.D. Fellow)
Co-supervised with Prof. Paul De Meulenaere of CoSys-Lab.
Foundations of Co-Simulation. Formerly within the IOF-SBO project "Study of the interaction between automotive software and its environment by means of modelling and co-simulation".
(July 2019) István Dávid, B.Sc., M.Sc.(Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary)
A Multi-Paradigm Modelling Foundation for Collaborative, Multi-view Model/System Development, in the MBSE4Mechatronics project.
(September 2018) Ken Vanherpen, M.Sc. Engineering Science -- Automotive Engineering (Karel de Grote University College, Antwerp, Belgium).
Multi-Paradigm Processes for the Design of Cyber-Physical Systems, in the MBSE4Mechatronics project.
Co-supervised with Prof. Paul De Meulenaere (main supervisor) of CoSys-Lab.
(August 2018) Yentl Van Tendeloo, B.Sc., M.Sc.(University of Antwerp, Belgium). (Ph.D. Fellow of the FWO)
A Foundation for Multi-Paradigm Modelling.
(August 2018) Bentley Oakes, M.Sc. (McGill, Canada) (NSERC Ph.D. Fellow)
A Symbolica Execution-based Approach to Model Transformation Verification using Structural Contracts, in the NECSIS project.
Co-supervised with Prof. Clark Verbrugge.
(March 2018) Maris Jukss, B.Sc. (Riga Technical University, Latvia)
Ecient and Usable Model Transformations, in the NECSIS project.
Co-supervised with Prof. Clark Verbrugge.
(March 2018) Simon Van Mierlo, M.Sc. (University of Antwerp, Belgium). (Ph.D. Fellow of the IWT)
A Multi-Paradigm Approach for Engineering Model Debugging Environments.
(February 2016) Bart Meyers, B.Sc., M.Sc. (University of Antwerp, Belgium).
A Multi-Paradigm Modelling Approach to Design and Evolution of Domain-Specific Modelling Languages.
(2012 -- 2014) Bart Pussig. M.Sc. Electronics ICT/automotive (Karel de Grote University College, Antwerp, Belgium).
Co-supervised with Dr. Paul De Meulenaere of the KdG.
Foundations of Model-Based Systems Engineering and Co-Simulation, within the IOF-SBO project "Study of the interaction between automotive software and its environment by means of modelling and co-simulation".
Left for industry in 2014.
(2012 -- 2013) Philip Luyckx. M.Sc. Electronics ICT (Karel de Grote University College, Antwerp, Belgium).
Co-supervised with Dr. Peter Hellinckx of the KdG.
Modelling and Simulation Based Design of Building-Automation Systems.
Left for industry in 2013.
(2013) Xiaobo Li. (China Scholarship Council fellow, at the University of Antwerp 2010 -- 2011 from the Chinese National University of Defense Technology).
A Multi-Paradigm framework for Complex systems Modelling and Simulation based on DEVS.
(February 2013) Joachim Denil, B.Sc. (Free University of Brussels, Belgium), B.Sc., M.Sc. Electronics Engineering (Karel de Grote University College, Antwerp, Belgium).
Co-supervised with Prof. Serge Demeyer of the UA and Dr. Paul De Meulenaere of the KdG.
A Multi-Paradigm Modelling Approach to Software Deployment for Distributed Embedded Systems.
(June 2012) Raphael Mannadiar, B.Sc. (Université de Montréal), M.Sc.(McGill). (NSERC Postgraduate Fellow)
A Multi-Paradigm Modelling Approach to the Foundations of Domain-Specific Modelling.
(April 2011) Eugene Syriani, B.Sc. (McGill). (NSERC Postgraduate Fellow)
A Multi-Paradigm Foundation for Model Transformation Language Engineering.
Current position: Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Operations Research (DIRO) at the Université de Montréal, Montréal, Canada.
(2010) Bin Chen. (China Scholarship Council fellow, at McGill 2008 -- 2009 from the Chinese National University of Defense Technology).
Resource-aware (aka Activity-based) Simulation.
@McGill, @NUDT
Current position: Assistant Professor at the National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, China.
(June 2010) Sagar Sen, B.Eng. (Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, India), M.Sc. (McGill).
Automatic Effective Model Discovery.
(IRISA, INRIA and University of Rennes, France, co-supervisor with Prof. J.-M. Jezequel and Dr. B. Baudry).
Current position: SIMULA Research Scientist at SIMULA Research Laboratory, Norway
(January 2009) Andriy Levytskyy
Collaborative environments for modelling and simulation.
(At the TU Delft, The Netherlands. Co-supervisor, first with Prof. E.J.H. Kerckhoffs, later with Prof. L.J.M.Rothkrantz).
Current position: MDE Analyst/Consultant at Zest Application Professionals
(August 2008) Ernesto Posse, M.Sc. (McGill)
Modelling and simulation of dynamic structure discrete-event systems.
Current position: Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Modelling, Analysis and Software Engineering group, School of Computing, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada.
(2005 -- ) Shahla Almasri, M.Sc. (Tufts)
Domain-specific visual modelling.
Left for industry in 2006.
(2000 -- ) Jean-Sébastien Bolduc, M.Sc. (McGill)
Multi-abstraction and multi-formalism modelling for simulation experiments.
(co-supervisor with Prof. Denis Thérien).
Left for industry in 2006.

M.Sc. students
(2022 --) Wannes Marynen
Model Transformation Language Engineering (with Textual Concrete Syntax)
(2020 -- 2021) Andrei Bondarenko
Towards a Modular Multi-Conformance (Meta-)Modelling Framework
(2020 -- 2021) Sylvain Elias
Model-Based Development of a Modelling and Simulation Environment for the Statecharts and Class Diagrams (SCCD) Formalism
(2019 --) Mitchel Pyl
Interactive, incremental, textual HUTN for the Modelverse
(2019 -- 2020) Jordan Parezys
A Framework for explainable optimal dispatching
(2019 -- 2020) Randy Paredis
Translating GPSS to DEVS Based on a DEVS Building Block Library
(2018 -- 2020) Benoît-Phillippe Fornoville
The Development of a Teaching Tool for Place/Transition Petri Net Design, Analysis and Simulation.
(2018 -- 2020) Tim Leys
Relating agent-based modelling techniques to multi-agent system modelling techniques.
(2018 -- 2019) Zhong-Xi Lu
Language engineering for analysis, visualization, and simulation of railway networks
(2017 -- 2018) Lucas Heer
Sketch-based metamodel construction and sketch model co-evolution.
(2015 -- 2017) Addis Gebremichael
Model-Driven UI Engineering of Web and mobile applications
(2015 -- 2016) Thomas Pinna
Implementing efficient and scalable model transformations in the Modelverse.
(2016) Yves Maris
Dynamic Structure Causal Block Diagrams.
(2016) Fedor Biryukov
Textual Languages for the Modelverse (Research Internship).
(2015 -- 2016) Michael Deckers
A Usable DEVS Environment -- Designing an easy-to-use DEVS generation environment with support for an expandable library.
(2014 -- 2020) Joeri Exelmans, B.Sc. (University of Antwerp)
Semantic Variation of Statecharts.
(2014 -- 2015) Tom Wijsman, B.Sc. (University of Antwerp)
Rule-based Modeling of NPC Behavior.
(2013 -- 2015) Glenn De Jonghe, B.Sc. (University of Antwerp)
A visual modelling environment for Statecharts and Class Diagrams in Unity.
(2013 -- 2015) Rafael Ugaz B.Sc. (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
Combination of Domain-Specific Languages.
(2013 -- 2015) Viktor Stojkovski, Inf.Eng. (University Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Macedonia)
Multi-abstraction, Multi-formalism Modelling and Simulation: Integrating Forrester System Dynamics, Cellular Automata and Agent Based Modelling.
(2012 -- 2014) Yentl Van Tendeloo, B.Sc. (University of Antwerp)
Activity-aware DEVS simulation.
(2012 -- 2013) Naomi Christis, B.Sc. (University of Antwerp)
Hybrid Modelling and Simulation (Research Internship).
(2012 -- 2013) Daniel Riegelhaupt, B.Sc. (University of Antwerp)
Explicit Modeling of Interactive Simulation Environments.
(2011 -- 2013) Simon Van Mierlo, B.Sc. (University of Antwerp)
Model Transformation for Modelling Language Evolution.
(2011 -- 2013: fast-tracked to PhD) Maris Jukss, B.Sc. (Riga Technical University)
Co-supervised with Prof. Clark Verbrugge.
Efficient Model Transformation.
(2011 -- 2013) Kevin Wyckmans, B.Sc. (University of Antwerp)
A comparison of tools for cognitive modelling and their potential application in game engines (research internship).
(2011 -- 2013) Jelle Slowack, B.Sc. (University of Antwerp)
Python-like Human-Usable Textual Notation (HUTN).
(2011 -- 2012) Gino Wuytjens, B.Sc. (University of Antwerp)
Modelling and Transformation for Non-Player Characters.
(2011 -- 2012) Philip De Smedt, B.Sc. (University of Antwerp)
Domain-Specific Modelling and Model Transformation to support Collaborative Work on Android.
(2009 -- 2012) Jacob Beard, B.Sc. (McGill)
Developing Rich, Web-Based User Interfaces with the Statecharts Interpretation and Optimization Engine.
(2008 -- 2010) Amr Al Mallah, B.Sc. (McGill).
Testing model transformations.
(2008 -- 2010) Xiaoxi Dong, B.Eng. (Harbin IT/Birmingham).
Ark, the metamodelling kernel for domain specific modelling.
(2007 -- 2010) Reehan Shaikh, B.Sc. (McGill).
Support for multi-formalism (and meta-)modelling in Modelica.
(2006 -- 2010) Chahe Adourian, B.Sc. (McGill, joint honours Math/Physics)
Model consistency.
(2005 -- 2007, 2010) Miriam Zia, B.Sc. (McGill).
A Modelling and Simulation Based Process for Dependable Systems Design (M.Sc. project).
Current position: business analyst for the Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation
(2005 -- ) Riandi Wiguna, B.Sc. (McGill).
Modelling and simulating autonomous reactive actors (M.Sc. thesis).
Left for industry.
(2005 -- 2007) Ximeng (Simon) Sun, B.Eng. (Beijing Polytechnic University).
Modelling and Simulation Based Design for Electronic Identity infrastructures (ADAPID project) (M.Sc. thesis).
(Winter 2006) Yohan Launay, M.Eng. (EFREI, France)
Tele-surveillance (exchange student, Software Engineering Masters, hounours project).
(2005 -- 2006) Vamshi Raghu, B.Eng. (Visveswaraiah Tech. Univ., India).
Domain-specific Modelling in Music Technology (M.A. thesis).
(2005 -- 2006) Hongyan (Bill) Song, M.Eng. (Northeastern University Shenyang, China).
Modelling a DEVS Visual Modelling and Simulation Environment (M.Sc. thesis).
(2005 -- 2006) François Plamondon, B.Sc. (McGill), NSERC fellowship holder.
Triple Graph Grammars with GReAT (reading project).
(2005 -- 2006) Sagar Sen, B.Eng. (Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, India). Commonwealth Fellow.
(Meta-)Modelling and simulating hybrid systems (M.Sc. thesis).
(2005 -- 2006) Denis Dubé, B.Sc. (McGill)
Modelling and resolving layout constraints (reading project).
Layout in Domain-specific Visual Modelling (M.Sc. thesis).
(2004 -- 2005) Shengjie Xia
Statechart modelling of visual modelling environments' behaviour (reading project).
Modelling reactive behaviour of visual modelling environments (M.Sc. project).
(2004 -- 2005) Wei He
The Model Driven Architecture (reading project).
(Meta-)Model Evolution (M. Sc. thesis).
(2005 -- ) Philippe Nguyen, B.Sc. (Queens), NSERC fellowship holder.
Meta-modelling Class Diagrams + Constraints in AToM3 (M.Sc. thesis).
Philippe is now pursueing a Medical degree at Univerité de Montreal.
(Summer 2004) Yiyi Victoria Yang, M.Sc. (Mcgill)
The Object Constraint Language and its relationship to meta-modelling.
(Summer 2004) Aaron Shui
Generating a μModelica parser using SableCC (in Python).
(2003 -- 2005) Weigao Xu (aka Steven W. Xu), B.Sc. (Queens)
Object-Oriented Modelling of Physical Systems in Modelica (reading project).
The design and implementation of a μModelica compiler (thesis).
(2003 -- 2005) Marc Provost, B.Sc. (McGill)
Graph Grammars for Model Transformation (reading project).
AToM3, A Tool for Multi-formalism and Meta-Modelling (M.Sc. thesis).
(2002 -- 2004) Thomas Feng (aka Feng Huining), B.Sc. (Nanjing), M.Sc. (honours) (McGill)
Action Semantics for the Unified Modelling Language (reading project).
DCharts, a formalism for modelling and simulation based design of reactive software systems (thesis).
(2002 -- 2004) Yi Lu (aka Nancy)
Comparing meta-modelling techniques and tools (reading project).
The implementation of RE, FSA and their transformations in AToM3 (M.Sc. project).
(2002 -- 2004) Spencer Borland, B.Sc., M.Sc. (honours) (McGill)
The Statechart formalism and its variations (reading project).
Transforming Statechart models to DEVS (thesis).
(2001 -- 2003) Thierry Cornelis
Parsing and code-generation for the Model Specification Language (MSL) compiler.
(Ghent University, co-supervisor with Profs A. Hoogewijs and P. Vanrolleghem)
@McGill, @UGent
(2000 -- 2001) Chak Wai So
Meta-modelling (reading project).
(2000) Ginny Mak
The implementation of Support Vector Machines using the Sequential Minimal Optimization Algorithm (M.Sc. project) [report (pdf)] [smo source (tgz)].
Currently at Softsource.

B.Sc. students
(2nd Semester 2017) Jonathan Van der Cruysse
Just-in-Time compilations of Modelverse Action Language.
(2014) Monique Passos Ribeiro (FATEC of the State of Sao Paulo)
Modelling of NPCs in Unity 3D with Statecharts.
(2011 -- 2012) Yentl Van Tendeloo
Translating Logisim to DEVS Simulation Models.
(2010 -- 2011) Daniel Riegelhaupt
Design and Implementation of a Web-based Text Editor.
(2010 -- 2011) Naomi Christis
Logisim to Verilog translation. (ESP)
(Winter 2006 - honours project) David Meunier
Model Driven Design of Reactive Systems.
(Summer NSERC USRC 2004) Denis Dubé
Layout in Domain-specific Visual Modelling.
(Winter 2004 - honours project) François Plamondon
The design and implementation of a visual modelling environment for the DCharts formalism.
(Fall 2003 - honours project) Alison Stewart
Modelling and simulation for GUI design.
(Summer NSERC USRA 2003) François Plamondon
Design and Implementation of a Visual Meta-Modelling Environment.
(Summer NSERC USRA 2003) Marc Provost
A Meta-modelling and Graph Transformation Kernel.
(Summer NSERC USRA 2003) Fei Fan
Development of a Forrester System Dynamics domain-specific modelling and simulation environment for epidemic modelling.
(Fall 2002 - honours project) Véronique Lisi
Statechart modelling and implementation of a drawing tool.
(Summer NSERC USRA 2002) Simon Lacoste-Julien
Hybrid Systems Modelling and Simulation.
(Summer NSERC USRA 2002) Marc Provost
Meta-modelling UML Class Diagrams.
(Summer NSERC USRA 2002) Wei Bin Liang
The UML Object Constraint Language for Meta-modelling.
(Fall 2001 - honours project) Hesheng Chen
OO design and implementation of a prototype distributed, multi-user spreadsheet. (report)
Currently at Cimmetry.
(Summer 2001) Bruno Dufour and Wen Hsin Chang
Providing the Tk widget set in Jython/Java/Swing.
(Summer 2001) Ulysse Mercadie
(Summer NSERC USRA 2001) Simon Lacoste-Julien
Delay Differential Equations.
(part-time co-supervisor with Prof. Prakash Panangaden)
(2001) Alex Batko
User Account Archival and Restoral Utility.
(part-time co-supervisor with Philippe Ciaravola)
(2000 -- 2001) Dimitri Vidalenc
Emulating the Tk Canvas widget in AWT/Swing.


  • (June -- September 2017 - internship) Alexis Murail (M.Sc., ENSTA Bretagne, France)
    A Modelled Statechart Modelling/Simulation/Debugging Environment for the Modelverse.
  • (June -- August 2016 - internship) Julien Tomezach (M.Sc., ENSTA Bretagne, France)
    A Modelled Multi-View Spreadsheet for the Web.
  • (June -- September 2016 - internship) Michaėl Rigaud (M.Sc., ENSTA Bretagne, France)
    A visual simulation/debugging environment for Statecharts.
  • (August 2009) Tihamer Levendovszky (ISIS, Vanderbilt University, TN)
  • (August - December 2008) Fei Men (M.Sc., Economic Science Lab, Renmin University, PR China)
  • (June 2008) Sagar Sen (INRIA, Rennes, France)
  • (9 - 13 June 2008) Benoit Baudry (INRIA, Rennes, France)
  • (June - August 2008) Massimo Tisi. (Ph.D. Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
    Model/transformation testing, Model-based engineering of Web Applications.
  • (February - June 2008) Charles Bouttaz. (M.Sc. Vichy, France)
    Statecharts modelling/simulation/code synthesis.
  • (January - July 2008) Silvia Mur Blanch. (M.Sc. Barcelona, Spain)
    Modelling, simulation and synthesis of modern computer games.
  • (January - June 2007) Julien Gardette. (M.Sc. Vichy, France)
    Modelling and synthesis of Ajax/SVG Web user interfaces.
  • (January - June 2007) Thierry Paulet. (M.Sc. Vichy, France)
    Modelling and synthesis of Ajax/SVG Web user interfaces.
  • (August - September 2006) Francisco Perez (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), Spain)
  • (August 2006) Prof. Mamadou Traore (ISIMA, Blaise Pascal University, France)
  • (August 2006) Richard Fryer (Beomax)
  • (August 2005) Dr. Pieter Mosterman (The Mathworks)
  • (October 2005) Alexandre Muzy (Università di Corsica - Pasquale Paoli)
  • (July 2005 - January 2006) Liesje Demuynck (DistriNet, CS Department, KULeuven, Belgium)
  • (July 2004, September 2004) Dr. Pieter Mosterman (The Mathworks)
  • (October 14, 2003) Dr. Peter Bunus (Linköping University, Sweden)
  • (October 10, 2003) Prof. Sita Ramakrishnan (Monash, Australia)
  • (July - October 2003) Andriy Levytskyy (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)
  • (January 2003) Filip Claeys (Hemmis, Belgium)
  • (August - September 2002) Thierry Cornelis (Ghent University, Belgium)
  • (June 2002) Dr. Pieter Mosterman (The Mathworks)
  • (May 2001) Prof. Zbigniew Mrozek (Cracow University of Technology, Poland)
  • (August 2000) Prof. Pascal Verdonck (Ghent, Belgium. Civil Engineering)

Prof. Vangheluwe (co-)supervised a number of graduate students while he was a research coordinator at the Department of Applied Mathematics, Biometrics and Process Control (BIOMATH) of Ghent University in Belgium. Have a look at this partial list.

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