Below is a list of projects i have or currently am working on. for example I have implemented two versions of the pydevs simulator. one is a distributed sequential classical DEVS simulator using RMI technology. And another truly parallel simulator using the time-warp approach defined by Ziegler in the book of "Theory of Modeling and simulation". This projects are under constant improvements. The main motivation for my work on this project, is that DEVS is the underlying framework for my testing framework TUnit.

Distributed DEVS Simulator - PYDEVS-RMI

The work done was to extend the current pydevs simulator so it can run in a distributed environment. It accommodates running certain parts of the simulation, or specific DEVS blocks solvers on a distributed cluster. The Simulator can still run normally on a single machine, if certain parameters are not set. namely the names of the machines where certain blocks should be simulated

further work to gather simulation trace on a log server, and some fault tolerance capabilities have been implemented, and are still underway. The latest code exists on the subversion repository

The distributed implementation comes in three flavors :

  • Synchronous:
  • Asynchronous:
  • Timewarp:

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