Web-based text editor for writing research

The use of computers as writing instruments has not only had a profound effect on writing practice, but has also opened up new possibilities for writing research. Researchers make frequent use of keystroke logging tools to describe the online writing processes in detail.
The tool inputlog was developed by Prof. Luuk Van Waes and his team to conduct extremely fine-grained studies of the time course of writing processes. It is an input logging tool that logs all input modes: keyboard, mouse and speech.

The purpose of this thesis is to develop, based on good software engineering principles, an object-oriented design of a web-based Rich Text editor (like Google Docs). In particular, the design will be based on the Gang of Four Design Pattern book. The design is complemented by a series of prototype implementations using ECSMAScript and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).
The requirements can be found here.
Bachelor thesis
The thesis can be found here.
The corresponding presentation can be found here.
The last prototype. it was the on used for the presentation. In the end the project wasn't completely finished and unfortunaltly there are some (severe) bugs; still as a basic prototype it's ok. The older prototypes aren't shown anymore
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