Explicit Modeling of Interactive Simulation Environments

As the use of models in industry and research increases so does the need for interactive simulation tools. Those tools become more and more complex. The situation becomes even more complex when we factor in real(wall-clock) time simulation. As complexity calls for modeling; in this thesis we model interactive simulation environments in the formalism best suited for the job. That formalism is statecharts. Our simulation tool uses models of simulators for general purpose modeling formalisms to simulate any (domain specific) model built in (/translated to) that formalism. Furthermore the simulation tool is inspired by code debugging techniques.
The thesis can be found here: thesis

The prototypes:
   The CBD environment
   The SC environment

This version of AToM3 contains a modified version of the CBD formalism. This version of the formalism includes a breakpoint block. It can be used to generate models used with the CBD environment. It can be found here
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