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DiaGen Compilation Tutorial

Purpose: make compilation of DiaGen quick and painless.
Required Files:
     JavaSDK 1.4.1 or 1.4.2 ,
     NetBeans 3.6 ,
     DiaGen 3.1 (diagen-installer-040427.jar)
Tested on Linux and Windows.

  1. Install the DiaGen jar file to a folder ..\DiaGen
  2. Move DiaGen\designer\diagen\designer to DiaGen\diagen\designer
  3. Move DiaGen\framework\diagen\designer to DiaGen\diagen\framework
  4. Move DiaGen\generator\diagen\designer to DiaGen\diagen\generator
  5. Move DiaGen\xmleditor\diagen\designer to DiaGen\diagen\xmleditor
  6. Move DiaGen\examples\de to DiaGen\de
  7. Move DiaGen\examples\diagen\designer\sample to DiaGen\diagen\designer\sample
  8. Move DiaGen\examples\diagen\editor\sample to DiaGen\diagen\editor\sample
  9. Move DiaGen\lib\* to DiaGen\ (move all the files in lib to DiaGen, not diagen).

  10. Remove SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), since the dependency is *cough* hard to find.
  11. diagen.editor.ui.EditorPane.java line 150 to 161, remove SVGSupport.
  12. diagen.editor.ui.EditorControl.java line 245 to 248, remove more SVG.

Now you just "Build All" on the diagen folder, and then you can run the various executable editors. Piece of cake. Didn't work? Did I forget to mention you have to mount the following jar files: qoca-1.0beta2-mod2.jar and dtdparser115.jar, before you "Build All"? ;-)

Maintained by Denis Dube. Last Modified: 2008/09/09 18:03:05.