Aperiot at glance


aperiot's website has moved. The new website is http://sites.google.com/site/aperiotparsergenerator

aperiot is a grammar description language and a parser generator for Python. Its purpose is to provide the means to describe a language's grammar and automatically generate a Python parser to recognize and process text written in that language.1 It is intended to be used mainly for programming and modelling languages.

To get an idea of how to use aperiot please look at the aperiot at glance page.

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To look at the full documentation, go to the Documentation page.


January 22, 2007
aperiot 0.1.2 is released.

Minor bugfix release.

September 15, 2006
aperiot 0.1.1 is released.

This is a minor patch which adds support for accessing a token's position in a file.

August 22, 2006
aperiot 0.1 is released.

The official aperiot website is born.


1``Aperio'' is a Latin word meaning ``to uncover,'' ``to unearth.'' A parser is, after all, a tool that uncovers the structure of text.