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I'm interested in Semantics, Concurrency, Dynamic (timed) systems, Categorical methods in Computer Science, Logic, Multi-agent systems, Type theory, Programming Language design, and Graph Transformation.

Currently the focus of my research is on dynamic systems whose structure changes over time. I am exploring techniques for modelling, simulating and analizing such systems with an emphasis on a solid foundation. I'm interested in the semantics of formalisms for such variable-structure systems, specially with respect to congruence properties in order to support modularity, reusability and incremental development.

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Upcomming conferences

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Conference Abstracts deadline Full paper deadline Max pages Place Date Full name Website
ESOP'08 Oct 5, 2007 Oct 12, 2007 15 Budapest, Hungary Mar 29 - Apr 6, 2008 17th European Symposium on Programming (part of ETAPS) http://esop2008.doc.ic.ac.uk/
ANSS'08 Oct 15, 2007 Oct 21, 2007 8 Ottawa, Canada Apr 13 - 16, 2008 41st Annual Simulation Symposium (part of SpringSim) http://agent.csd.auth.gr/ karatza/ANSS41/
WODES'08 N/A Jan 18, 2008 6 Göteborg, Sweden May 28 - May 30, 20089th International workshop on Discrete Event Systems http://www.wodes2008.org/