Arkadiusz Ryś - Sirius


Sirius is an Eclipse project which is built on top of the Eclipse modeling technologies to aid in designing a graphical modeling workbench. A user can create meta-models and models on top of these meta-models which can then be used to validate whether constraints are met. Additionally, model transformations and code generation can be achieved using plugins. I will apply Sirius to a use-case modeling electrical systems. Consequently, I will compare Sirius against other graphical modeling tools. Sirius has the added benefit of allowing users to work directly within the graphical representation of the generated models. Therefore, the goal of this paper is to create an overview of the functionalities of Sirius and compare it to other known modeling tools.

  Representation Example

example-diagram Kitchen (20 A) Kitchen 1 Main (230 V AC) Kitchen (16 A) Kitchen Light (2 A) Kitchen 1 Kitchen 2 Kitchen 2 Main (40 A) Switch 1 Switch 2 4.0 mm˛ 4.0 mm˛ 2.5 mm˛ 1.5 mm˛ 2.5 mm˛ 4.0 mm˛ 1.5 mm˛ 1.5 mm˛ 1.5 mm˛ 1.5 mm˛

  Implementation Phase

The project materials are updated to include a which describes how to install and use the source code. The presentation now also includes my name and the line numbers are removed from the report reference section.

Final Report (PDF)
Final Presentation (PDF)
Project Materials (ZIP) | Project Materials (7z)