Joeri Exelmans   
M. Sc. Student
Modelling, Simulation and Design Lab
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Antwerp
1, Middelheimlaan
Belgium 2020
Glenn De Jonghe     

I am a Software Engineering computer science master student at the University of Antwerp.
This page is for my research internships followed by a master thesis, supervised by Prof. Hans Vangheluwe.


The result of my work will be a cross-platform state chart compiler for SCXML (with a number of additional parameters). Main target platforms are web browser (JavaScript), Desktop (Python) and Android (Java).

This research will build further upon the work of Glenn De Jonghe.

Research Internship I

I will introduce myself to a number of related topics and summarize them. More information here.

Research Internship II

I will write a kernel that handles common tasks (independent of the target platform) concerning runtime state chart behavior. These tasks include creation/deletion of objects, setting of internal (timed) events and interacting with the environment (through external events). More information here.

Master Thesis

My master thesis will consist of the development of the SCXML + class diagram compiler. More information here.

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