Lucas Heer   
Master Student
Modelling, Simulation and Design Lab
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Antwerp
Middelheimlaan 1
Belgium 2020

I am a Master student in Computer Science with specialization in Software Engineering. This page hosts my Research Internship II and Master Thesis, promoted by Prof. Hans Vangheluwe of the Modelling, Simulation and Design Lab (MSDL) and supervised by Simon Van Mierlo.

Research Internship II: Inferring metamodels from sketch-based example models: A literature review

In my research internship, I analyze existing solutions for the automated generation of metamodels from a set of example models. Typically, these example models are sketched in general-purpose drawing tools like yEd. The aim is to uncover areas where current solutions lack support and further research is needed.

Master thesis: TODO

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