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Summer research

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Summer Research
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Requirement Document

This follows the IEEE/ANSI 830-1993 standarts

  1. Introduction
    1. Purpose of the requirements document:
      • who this will help
      • why this project is important
      • why it was requested
    2. Scope of product
      • what it is suppose to do
      • what is it not going to do
    3. Definitions, acronyms and abbreviations
    4. References
    5. Overview of remainder of the document
  2. General description
    1. Product overview
      1. Introductary paragraph
      2. Data flow diagram
      3. Paragraph(s) descriptins of every part of the data flos diagram
    2. Product functions
      1. Structure chart
      2. Paragraph description of every node in the structure chart. describe what it is, what it does and why it is important
      3. Simple table of all features with discussion
    3. User characteristics
    4. General constraints
    5. Assumptions and dependencies
    6. Risks
      • risk assesment
      • risk control
  3. Specific requirements ***
    1. Interface requirement
      1. User interface
        • Menu map
        • Picture of all major windows
      2. Hardware interface
      3. Software interface
      4. Communication interface
    2. Functional requirement
    3. Performance requirement
    4. Logical database requirement
      -for each database, we must give the following:
      1. Database name
      2. Rationale
      3. Where it will be used
      4. Data dictionnary
      5. Entity relationship diagram
    5. Design constrains
    6. Software and system attributes
    7. Organizational requirements
  4. Formal cost, time and ressources estimate
  5. Appendices (optional)
  6. Index

*** In this section, everything should be written following this "Style"
i.0 Title
i.1 One sentence description
i.2 Paragraph description
i.3 List of steps or points (optional)
i.4 Rationale
i.5 Optional diagram