Véronique Lisi

Summer Research 400 project

Last Modified: 2002/09/20

Summer Research
About Me
I am currently working on modelling with statecharts. I will later on use that knowledge to design and built a graphical user interface (GUI).

For my 400 project, I will attemp to do the following:
  • Integrate the drawing tool I have built with AToM3.
    • In the icon editor
    • As the whole GUI if there is enough time
  • Use timed automaton to incorporate the logic and generate a user interface from this.
  • Pre-post conditions and statecharts do not seem to be on the same level, to have the same power. Statecharts seem to be less powerfull. I will try to find a way to bring those two to the same level.

For a detailed list of what I have done so far, please follow this Link to calendar

I have made a planning for the delivery of my different prototypes. For a description of the different prototypes and an expected delivery time, you can follow this link to prototypes

Source code

The design and the source code of every prototype will be posted on this web page
Source code webpage


My report is now available. You can also download it in .pdf format here