DSM TP 2016
Theory and Practice
7th International Summer School
on Domain-Specific Modeling
Genève, Switzerland
22-26 August


ECTS Accreditation

A certificate of attendance will be provided (participation in all sessions is required).

Upon request, students can be formally evaluated (including assignments to be submitted after the Summer School) and may earn the equivalent of 3 ECTS credits (valued at +-90 hours of time, including an examination).

The conditions are the following:

  • Attend the summer school (+- 40 hours), and submit the daily quizzes.
  • Submit of all additional assignments for ECTS accreditation (+- 50 hours) in a time span of the following semester.
  • Pass the defense of your assignments over conference call.

Important note: in order to get these credits accredited, your university has to accept them (These will need to be approved by your university (do contact your local Erasmus coordinator for information about the procedure to follow). At request, we will provide the necessary information for your university.

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